Pigeon Street

Pigeon Street is loved British animated series written by Michael Cole, telling the stories of a recurring cast of characters such as a trucker called Long Distance Clara and Mr Baskerville the Detective who all live on Pigeon Street in an unnamed British city.

Pigeon Street was first shown on BBC1 / BBC2 in 1981.

There are real life Pigeon Street's in Manchester and Wisbech. It's unclear if they inspired the programme.

It was a series of animated adventures each lasting about 10 minutes.

The shows featured the everyday adventures of a group of characters living on Pigeon Street, an area of flats and terraced housing in a British city, also home to several pigeons which appeared in each show but only occasionally featured in the plot. Characters included Clara the long distance lorry driver, her husband Hugo the chef, Mr Baskerville the detective, Mr Jupiter the astronomer, Mr Macadoo the petshop owner, and twins Molly and Polly, who were only distinguishable by the letter M and P on their jumpers. [source:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pigeon_Street]

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